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Why You Should Use An Amazon Repricer

  • Posted On: 22nd November 2019
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Why You Should Use An Amazon Repricer

So you’ve got a great line of products, you’ve worked hard to tighten your communication and customer service skills, and perhaps you’ve tried your best to keep a good seller rating, but still, you are hardly getting any products sold. I know it can be very frustrating, especially when you see other sellers making thousands or much more in daily sales. How do you fix this problem and drive up sales, without spending countless hours changing prices on Amazon to remain competitive. Luckily Seller Republic provide a tool that auto-reprices your Amazon and/or eBay inventory.

What is an auto-repricer you ask?

Simply put, an Automated repricer changes the prices of your listing on the Amazon and eBay Marketplaces. Whenever other sellers change their price for an item an automated repricer can also changes your price making certain you stay competitive and one step ahead at any time of the day. To drive up sales in a mega-commerce world like Amazon, eBay or any other eCommerce platforms, one needs to stay competitive with the “product pricing”. Imagine this: you’ve got a large product listing, let’s say 500+. To stay competitive, you go through your listings daily comparing and contrasting prices with similar sellers for each and every product. You perhaps do this hourly too, well, good luck getting anything else done!

What you need is an efficient repricer, after which you can say goodbye to wasted hours, repetitive annoying tasks and actively push up sales!. With an efficient Repricing solution, all you have to do is set parameters, such as minimum and maximum prices, in order to create a limited price range that you are willing to sell a product for. Plus of course a few more tweaks, and boom! you are ready to go.

Nevertheless, an efficient repricer isn’t just about: Automating pricing or increasing sales, it embraces the realm of “Smart Profit”. As a seller, if you simply needed to undercut the competition, you could easily do this by listing at the lowest price possible and sell at this price! Such a solution isn’t smart and you will lose a lot of potential “profit” that you “could” have gotten with a smart, efficient and variable-obedient Repricer. As long as a repricer “seems” to be doing its job of “repricing” then all is well, right? Wrong!  You need a repricing solution that actually reprices competitively and does it on time! Some repricers lag behind, others are not flexible, safe or very reliable or user friendly. Flexibility, features, functionality, safety, reliability, and speed is what makes a repricer truly great.

There are a ton of repricing solutions out there, but none stands out or offers the efficiency and the above listed perks, like Seller Republic. You read that right! Seller Republic repricing is the perfect package. This is not a tech pitch but a fact that you need a repricer this good, to make your life as a seller easier and more rewarding. You can be competitive, drive up sales and drive up profit while doing as little as possible. Giving you the time and energy you need to grow your business.

Do you need more coffee breaks? Are you tired of losing out on sales or making too little profits?

A repricer will save you a ton of time and put a lot of dollar-smiles on your face. Oops, I meant it will make you a happy, and a competitive seller. Sell smart and stay competitive…

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