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Easy-to-Follow Tips for Marketing and Selling On eBay

  • Posted On: 22nd November 2019
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Easy-to-Follow Tips for Marketing and Selling On eBay

eBay is massive. It truly is. And as one of the largest retail platforms in the world, it offers instantaneous access to millions of wealthy buyers from all over the world.

Seems like a recipe for success if you’ve ever seen one, doesn’t it?

Well, it’s not. If it were, the lion’s share of sellers would not be reading articles like this.

Where do they go wrong? They take the sheer scale and reach of eBay as their strength when in reality, it is their greatest weakness.

Think about it – how many sellers are directly competing with your listings? And how many buyers are actually aware of your store’s existence and identify it as their go-to brand for online shopping?


That said, you have everything you need to stomp your competitors into the ground. The trick is in developing efficient sales and marketing strategies.


Let’s imagine you are selling a pair of red lamps. How will your clients find your listing? By searching for a red lamp, of course.

But what if they are looking for a red table lamp? Or a crimson lampstand? Or any other variation of red + lamp combinations? Will they be able to find you?

That’s where SEO kicks in. Your first steps lie outside the actual store. Start with picking up the basics of Search Engine Optimization.

Start enhancing your listings with keywords that will complement the product in the eyes of both your clients and the search engines they use.

The simplest way of doing so would be by Google itself.

Type in your keyword into the search bar and see what other suggestion the engine offers. They are the most popular requests associated with your product.

Put all of them into a separate list for now.

Then proceed to Google’s Adwords. It is an insanely powerful keywords research tool that’s as intuitive and simple to use as the search engine itself.

You can find a detailed guide on how to use Adwords for your business here.

eBay account optimization

Now that we’ve settled with the SEO part, ask yourself this: what will your clients see when they land on your listing?

A product?

No. Sadly, that’s the last thing they will pay attention to. Only three things are capable of catching their attention:

  1. Eye-candy visuals
  2. Comments and testimonials
  3. An item’s price

That last one, the price, is especially important, especially on a platform as known for offering the best deals like eBay.

A handy repricer tool can enhance your positions and make your offer all the more appealing by automatically scanning similar items and adjusting your price to fit exactly what your client is looking for.

Additionally, the software will be fighting the battle for the sweet spot in the sales price in the background, allowing you to take the time to do what you are best in – running your business.

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