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Amazon Product Bundling Strategies To Boost Your Sales

  • Posted On: 22nd November 2019
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Amazon Product Bundling Strategies To Boost Your Sales

Do you want to boost your sales on Amazon? Bundling products effectively can help you to stand out from your competition and improve the profit margin!

Amazon is a highly competitive e-commerce platform. However, even with more than a million third-party sellers, it’s still one of the best marketplaces for selling your products. While you may have plenty of competition, there are several strategies to help you to boost your sales. Product bundling is one of the most effective methods to increase your sales, create unique listings and score extra revenue.

Amazon Listing Bundling

Product Bundle on Amazon to control listings.

What Is An Amazon Product Bundle?

In simple words, product bundling involves offering several different products for sale as one combined product. The sellers can group two or more products together and sell them as a package. This helps to attract customers as they can get multiple products for a good price.

Understanding Amazon Product Bundles

Combine multiple products in one with Amazon Product Bundles.

However, you cannot just throw in any products and make a bundle out of it. Amazon is clear about what bundles they allow in their Product Bundling Policy. Your product bundles must provide convenience and value to the customers.

Why Should You Bundle Products?

You can reduce Buy Box competition with a unique product bundle. Most of the sales on Amazon are from buy boxes so you can boost your revenue by several folds if you can win it!

You can either reduce your cost, increase your price, or sell more of your product to increase revenue. Bundling products will help you to sell more products, increasing your average order value. It helps you to move stagnant inventory while encouraging customers to spend more!

You can also put a new or less popular product in the bundle to encourage customers to sample them.

Your customers also benefit from product bundling. A great product bundle saves them time and money. Moreover, it can help the price-sensitive customers to get what they want at a discount!

What Are The Product Bundling Strategies?

There are a few ways you can go at it. The first step is to identify the products that are selling the best. If they are complementary, you can try bundling them together. For example, you can make a great bundle with pencils, erasers, and sharpeners.

Product Bundles - Amazon Mixing


One of the best places to get ideas for bundles is the “Frequently Bought Together” feature below your product listing. This is the place where you may discover your next best seller bundle!

Here are some other product bundling strategies:

  • Mixed Bundle: These products are available individually and also as a bundle. However, you can’t bundle branded products with unbranded ones.
  • Convenience Bundle: Bundle all the products someone would need to make starting or engaging in certain activities easier. So, it might be a back-to-school bundle or a starter pack for diamond painting!
  • Gift Bundle: It includes bundles that are ready to gift. It helps the customer from having to think about and search for gift ideas!
  • New Product Bundle: A very effective strategy where you bundle products newer or less successful products with other, more popular ones. This can give your new products the exposure it needs!

Watch Out For The Amazon Product Bundling Guidelines!

While bundling can boost your sales and profits, you must follow the strict guidelines by Amazon. Here are some things to look out for when you bundle products:

  • Multipacks are not bundles. Multipacks contain several of the same products, and the color doesn’t necessarily have to be the same. If you mix Amazon bundle and multipack, they will make you pay for it.
  • The bundles must consist of complementary items. According to the guidelines, bundles must consist of “items enable or enhance the use of other items in the bundle or provide convenience to the buyer by purchasing them together.”
  • You can’t change the components of that bundle after you’ve created it.
  • You have to consider the entire bundle for return and refund. You also cannot include any items with separate manufacturer warranties.

End Words

There are also many guidelines for bundling products on Amazon. Make sure you comb through them before listing any product bundles!

However, product bundling brings benefits for both sellers and customers. You should consider it if you haven’t tried selling bundles on Amazon yet.

You should also consider using automation tools to make your life more convenient. Repricing software like the Seller Republic can help you to win Buy Box on Amazon, taking your sales to new heights!

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